Tips For Staying Safe on Your local craigslist ads

Craigslist is a great way to buy then sell items, but it can also be an unhealthy place. While they have safe to use, you have to remember that criminals are regularly trying to benefit from unwitting users. Here are a few advise for staying secure on your local craigslist ads:

Omit your individual information once posting an item on sale, especially the phone number and email address. This will help to to prevent id theft and ensure that you’re working with tips for staying safe on craigslist genuine sellers just.

Use a safeguarded current email address to deliver out sales or obtaining offers and do not give out the genuine current email address to a stranger. This will generate it difficult for a person to apply fraudulent details to your name and get credit greeting cards in your name.

Always fulfill in a general public place, for example a coffee shop or a shopping center. Conference in a general public place is going to minimize your chances of being scammed or attacked.

Bring an associate along with you when creating transactions. A buddy will be able to provide you with some extra support and will lower your chances of currently being mugged or else threatened.

If you are purchasing an electric or other high-tech item, make sure the customer can show you what they’re talking about before you make a purchase. Additionally it is a good idea to get cash with you.

Avoid meeting with a vendor in their residence. A safe meeting place is a public space, such as a restaurant or crowded area such as a park.

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